Volunteer Opportunities

Our home games start on Saturday, September 11, and below is the link to sign up for volunteer dibs. If you fulfill 6 DIB CR, you will get back the volunteer deposit you paid at the beginning of the season.***ON SIGN UP, LEAVE QUANTITY OPTION AT 1***Here are some helpful reminders:

  • Volunteers need to enter: name of person volunteering, name of athlete, and their contact phone number
  • To receive volunteer money back, 6 dib CR need to be fulfilled
  • If a family has more than one athlete, they only need to complete a total of 6 dib CR to receive their volunteer money back
  • You can volunteer at either Freshman or JV games, anyone can volunteer to fulfill dibs for any given athlete (for example, a parent, grandma/grandpa, aunt/uncle, or even a friend).
  • If a dib is not fulfilled that was signed up for (for example, a “no show” or a last minute emergency), no credit will be given for that dib
  • If your child is a freshman player, you are welcome to sign up to volunteer at JV games and vice versa! This is nice so you don’t miss seeing your child in action!